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One Charge Trips


One Charge Trips is dedicated to road trips that can be taken on a single full charge of a Tesla Model S and hyperlocal trips taken only on the electric battery of a second generation Chevrolet Volt. Our trips may be applicable to other EVs and PHEVs as well. As the old saying goes, Your Mileage May Vary. Your travel guides are Josh and Nat Johnson. Our home base is Raleigh, North Carolina so the trips will mostly occur in the central section of the Old North State with a couple of excursions into Virginia for good measure.

This project is inspired by Neil Zurcher’s One Tank Trips travel segment for Cleveland local station WJW. Zurcher is Josh’s first cousin twice removed (his grandmother’s cousin). The segment was dedicated to day trips that Ohioans could take on just one tank of gas. Zurcher began the segment during the oil crisis of 1979, ostensibly to help people vacation locally while conserving gas. One Tank Trips was so popular, it outlasted the crisis and was continued, with the exception of a hiatus from 2004-2012, until 2016.

We pick up where Zurcher left off, helping to usher in the future of staycations and electric vehicles by getting out there and exploring the land and communities all around us.