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One Charge Trips

Durham, NC

Brews and bites in the Bull City

For our second one charge trip, we headed to downtown Durham. If you know us, you might wonder why we chose this location. After all, it’s close to our house and Josh works in Durham every weekday. Well, we want to use our 2013 Chevy Volt in addition to the Tesla (which we used for our inaugural trip to Hillsborough) for these trips. In order for us to keep true to the name “one charge trip,” we will stick to the electric battery on the Volt. That is, when it cooperates.

The first generation of Chevy Volt (2011 – 2015) has an average battery range of 35 miles. But when we started the car, the display said we only had 29 miles of gas. This sometimes happens in the winter. Cold weather is no friend to lithium batteries. The Volt is programmed for the gas engine to turn on in chilly temperatures. All in all, we used 1.4 miles of gas, but got home with 2 miles of electric range left. So we could have made the whole trip on electric, if the weather was warmer. Anyway, on to our trip.

First up, we dropped by Bull City Ciderworks. We ordered a flight of cider for $10, sampling Cardinal Cin (infused with cinnamon), Cranpappy (fermented with cranberry), Rhize Up (spiced with ginger), and Sweet Carolina (infused with local honey).

Next up, we headed to dinner at Pompieri Pizza, where the pizza arrives at your table with scissors. You cut your wood-fired pie and then eat the slices with your grubby hands. Sounds weird, but it’s awesome! Josh ordered a “build your own” pizza with a marinara base, cheese, pepperoni and EVOO drizzle. I ordered the veggie pie, which has a rotating list of ingredients based on the season but today had a butternut squash base, caramelized onions, roasted apples, and goat cheese fried sage and an orange balsamic glaze. Fun note: Pompieri grows their own herbs in an aquaponics system that you pass after you enter as you walk to the counter.

It was great to see that Pompieri is strawless. A whopping 500 million plastic straws are used in the United States every day. Plastic has an estimated life span of 450-500 years. When you think about it, you don’t really need a straw for most drinks. We drank our water and soda out of glass mason jars and didn’t miss straws at all.

After gobbling down our pizza, we checked out Bulldega, a small-ish grocer with a focus on locally produced foods and products (though some national brands fill in the gaps). I’ve had a hankering for Moravian cookies lately and was glad to find options from Salem Baking Co. on the shelves. We also picked up beignet mix and coffee.

Next, we walked a couple blocks south to Carolina Soul Records. Josh picked up Queen and Beatles albums. When it comes to vinyl, I prefer compilations (and picked up a few) but I also love records associated with classic movies so I was happy to discover a Groucho Marx album.

In the mood for dessert, we headed in the direction of The Parlour, a local ice cream shop. In the summer, lines go out the door. Yes, their ice cream is that good. But on this December day, we just walked in and were served immediately. What a shame – their seasonal ice creams are delightful. My one scoop of gingerbread was delicious and Josh reports that his scoop of staple flavor Vietnamese coffee was tasty, as well.

Finally, we ended up at Fullsteam Brewery, where I ordered their seasonal First Frost, made with foraged persimmons and Josh ordered their standard pilsner Paycheck.

Local reuse shop Scrap Exchange was there with free scraps for anyone to make holiday ornaments and decor. Josh found some metal that looked like mini film reels and placed old stamps on black vinyl to create the “film” flowing off the reel. I made two ornaments: a cork person holding a ribbon that says “Peace” (my perpetual wish for the world) and a red and green ribbon wreath ornament. All three are now hanging on our tree.

And that concludes this edition of One Charge Trip. Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for future trips. Until then, stay charged.

Vehicle 2013 Chevrolet Volt
Distance 27.9 Miles
Energy Usage 9.9kWh
Outdoor Temperature 40ºF
Entertainment Cozy Yuletide Mix